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Inheritance law    

What happens if...? Taking precautions for one's own affairs is difficult, but for many families and entrepreneurs it is a latent and permanent issue. On the other hand, legal and tax-secured regulations are basic prerequisites for the necessary precautionary measures for one's own family or, if necessary, for the continued existence of one's own business.

The design of wills, regulations on compulsory portions and, if necessary, the planning of succession of assets during lifetimes, including aspects of tax law, are among the central topics.

Each family has its own dynamics and different social backgrounds, which must always be taken into account.

We are happy to advise you in matters of drawing up wills, estate planning, complete estate processing in the form of execution of wills, enforcement of claims for compulsory portion but also strategies to avoid these obligatory portions.

Further attention should also be paid to lifetime arrangements, such as precautions and powers of attorney, living wills and general powers of attorney. In the end, these ensure the continued subsistence and disposal options of the person concerned and ultimately prevent a third party from making decisions about him/her.

It should always be noted that neither close family members, such as children or the spouse, have powers of attorney due to their position towards each other. This requires special regulations, even among the closest family members.

We can provide you with comprehensive support especially in these aspects of inheritance law

  • Advice and support for contractually agreed gifts
  • Testamentary dispositions - security for heirs and testators
  • Consultations on living wills
  • Power of attorney for care and supervision in the event of need of care or legal incapacity
  • Comprehensive tax advice on inheritance and gifts